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  1. The tutorial college
  2. When can I start my course?
  3. Who will be my tutor?
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The tutorial college

Learning at Greene’s College Oxford is different. Our philosophy is based on one assumption: if students’ education is tailored to suit their unique qualities and needs, they are more likely to be successful. One size does not fit all.

We teach based on the principles of the tutorial method of learning. This method has a long history and is particularly associated with some of the oldest universities in England, such as Oxford, Cambridge, London and Durham. We use it to foster self-confidence, responsibility, and independence in our students.

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Why not start now? Greene’s College Oxford invites you to enrol at any time throughout the year. There is no requirement to fit a fixed academic calendar. You can progress at your own pace at a time that suits you. Usually we will schedule your first tutorial within two weeks. Speak with our admissions team to find out how soon you can start.

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Who will be my tutor?

We work with only the very best academic tutors. Most of our tutors have 2.5 degrees or qualifications each and have studied at Oxford or Cambridge University. Each one has achieved academic excellence in their field and will be matched with you based on their specialism, availability, and suitability.

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You were working out of a genuine interest for the subject … that is the greatest gift an educational establishment can give you.

Learning through the tutorial method at Greene’s means students first study topics independently; they then meet for regular one-to-one or small group tutorials where students are encouraged to explain, develop, and refine their learning through Socratic-style dialogues. Feedback and further assignments allow students to review their knowledge, strengthen their learning, and solidify their understanding.


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ApplY to our tutorial college in Oxford.

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Like the traditional tutorial college, at Greene’s College Oxford, you will study through one-to-one and small group tutorials. This may depend on the course and your elected timeline.


Classes can be in person at our college in Oxford, or online from anywhere in the world. Usually, you will be asked to explore a particular topic, through independent study or an assignment, and you will be asked to share your learning with your tutor during your tutorials.


In line with the principles of the tutorial method, your tutor will encourage you to explain, question, develop, and refine your learning around the subject. Your work and feedback will be displayed on our online learning resource, Greene’s Online, so you can review your discussion and keep track of your progress in real time.


We find the tutorial method empowers you to feel responsible for your own learning; you will be able to talk lucidly and confidently about your work, handle challenging academic dialogue, and ultimately solidify your knowledge and understanding of your course.


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